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What's inside:

Unlimited Presets!

You can store your favorite sets as presets for faster tagging Supported

Using your own account with secured & private authentication

Docked Version

Extension form can remain open at all time for your convenience

Force Lowercase

On/Off toggle button to keep standardization

Capture Current URL Automatically

(But you can put your own of course)

Export/import Presets

Share your presets to your colleagues or different devices

Copy Parameters Only

You might need that for some ad netwowrks

Dynamic Parameters Support

Let your ad vendor to push its own values using dynamic parameters, e.g. {{}}

Real Support

Via email for ALL users

Support? Questions? Just ask


Chrome has some issues with form-based extensions. Re-installing the extension solves 99.99% of such issues works only for registered users. Scroll up a bit on this page, choose as your default shortening service, click the `Enable` button and follow the instructions. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us shortening service  was shut down by Google during 2019. Use instead. I’ll add more services soon.

We don’t have any server side or database for this extension, hence, everything happens and stays in your Chrome browser. We do not collect, store, share or accessing your private data. We DO have Google Analytics installed on the extension to track the performance and detecting bugs. It does not collect private or personalized data.

No. You didn’t gave “us” the credentials. You gave it to the extension and the keys are stored on your Chrome. Only the extension can access it. We can’t.

Sure. Please use the contact form above.