Looker Studio Auto Refresh

Hands-free real-time data on your Google Looker Studio reports. 100% private, 100% Free

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  • Custom interval for data refresh

    Set your own refresh interval (minimum 10 seconds)

  • "Once a day" refresh

    If your data fetching is expensive, or your data updates on a daily basis, enable this feature to refresh the report once a day.

  • Custom interval for switching pages

    On multi page reports, the extension can loop between pages easily, based on the interval you choose.

  • Custom interval for switching browser tabs with different reports opened

    You can open different reports in different browser tabs. The extension will loop between all the tabs with Data Studio reports open.

  • 100% private & safe

    The extension does not read, collect or share any of your reports data.


Support? Questions? Just ask

    • How to use Looker Studio Auto Refresh browser extension

      Watch the tutorial!

      Add to Chrome


    Can the extension read the data from the reports?

    No. It's 100% private, does not track, collect or even have any server side to collect that data.

    I can't see the options menu like in the tutorial

    Make sure you're focused on a tab with a Looker Studio report, and please reload the page manually (F5). This will enable the extension for that report

    Does it work on embedded reports?

    Unfortunately not. It's impossible.

    If it still doesn't work?

    Contact me (form above)

    I see the options menu, but it does not refresh the report

    Make sure you have EDIT permissions. View-only users cannot refresh the report.