Google Analytics UTM Builder Chrome Extension

This extension is a hyper version of Google Analytics URL Builder and tag URL's to be tracked in Google Analytics Campaign reports. With this tool you can add UTM parameters to fully track your campaigns performance in Google Analytics.

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  • UNLIMITED presets of tags for faster tagging

    Presets are groups of UTM's for faster tagging. You can create and edit as many presets you want.

  • UNLIMITED Groups of presets

    Instead of having dozens of presets, you can create groups for clients, workspaces, etc.

  • Collaboration! Sync presets with colleagues

    Create a group of presets and collaborate it with your colleagues. Now everybody can use, share and edit, without the import/export hassle.

  • Bit.ly shortening support

    Connect the extension to your Bit.ly account to collect your Bit.ly links in one place.

  • Dynamic parameters support

    You can use ad network dynamic parameters for dynamic insertion of campaign data like {{ad_name}}

  • Force Lowercase

    Is it "facebook" or "Facebook"? Make sure all your tags look the same when turning on this option

  • "Copy UTM's only" button

    Some platform allows you to paste your UTMs parts as one long string. So instead of copying the whole URL and trim it, just use this button.

  • Import/Export presets for backup or sharing

    You can export your presets for future backups, or for sharing them with colleagues.

  • Docked version

    Keep the tagging screen open all the time (docked version)


Support? Questions? Just ask

    • How to use Google Analytics UTM builder Chrome Extension

      Watch the tutorial!

      Add to Chrome


    Is is safe and private?

    The extension does not collect, store or share any of the non-PRO users data, including browsing history, presets, etc, and it's completely anonymous. For PRO users, the extension stores only the user's email (upon signup only) and presets.

    Can the extension read my Bit.ly statistics?

    No. After you connect the extension to your Bit.ly account, it can only create shortlinks by your behalf.

    My Bit.ly is not working

    Bit.ly works only for Bit.ly registered users. In the extension settings, go to the Bit.ly section, click 'Enable` button and follow the instructions.

    The form is not working

    Chrome has some issues with form-based extensions. Re-installing the extension solves 99.99% of such issues

    I'm getting Bit.ly errors

    Make sure you didn't exceed your daily quota. You can always contact me so I can investigate it

    How do I disconnect myself from the extension

    Just uninstall the extension.

    Can I suggest features?

    Yes, you can! just fill the form below.