Analytics/GTM/Pixel Debugger

The only Analytics and pixel helper that you'll ever need!

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  • Analyze tracking pixels of more than 16 ad platforms and analytics tools

    Currently supports Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, Universal Analytics, Mixpanel, AppsFlyer, Reddit ads, LinkedIn ads, Google Ads (conversion+remarketing), Facebook Ads, Snap ads, Twitter ads, Bing ads, Outbrain ads, Taboola ads, Quora ads, Google Optimize, TikTok ads, Pinterest ads and more to come.

  • Recording pixel activity cross pages

    With the recording feature, you can click your way through your site, engage with the elements and the extension will output a full report, which you can export later.

  • Easy event analysis

    The extension structures the event data in a simple way, focusing on e-commerce websites, showing you general transactino data, as well as specific product data and top-level data.

  • Hyper validation

    With more than 500 never-seen-before validation rules, you will improve your tracking quality.


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    • How to use Analytics/GTM/Pixel Debugger

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    How many ad networks are supported

    The extension helps you with the following ad networks and analytics tools: Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics (V4+Universal+Legacy), Google Ads, Plausible, Amplitude, Umami, AB Tasty, Pinterest, TikTok, Google Optimize, Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin, Facebook ads, Quora, Outbrain, Taboola, AppsFlyer, Microsoft Ads, Mixpanel and more to come.

    Is it private?

    The extension does NOT track or store your browsing history, as noted on the privacy policy page. The extension track usage of extension UI elements such as buttons, filters etc.

    Is it free?

    Yes. 100%.

    Do you plan to support #network name#?

    Eventually the extension will support 90% of the major ad platforms. If you think you are using a popular platform that might be beneficial for others (analytics or advertising), please drop me a note using the contact form below.